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using active voice in writing

using active voice in writing

using active voice in writing

What effect can using the active or passive voice have on.

The passive voice creeps into commercial writing quite a lot. Often this is because people think it sounds more official.

Using Active Instead of Passive Voice in Marketing Copy

Jun 3, 2015 - Even articles about passive versus active writing often use passive phrasing. Sometimes the passive is a good technique. Politicians will say .

How to Avoid Using the Passive Voice: 8 Steps

Jump to Determining Active Versus Passive Voice - In order to create active voice, you need to make. write a sentence like: The tail was wagged.

The Active Voice vs. The Passive Voice - The Beginning Writer

Did you know that there are two different voices to use when it comes to writing? Sentences have a subject and a verb and usually an object. But there are two .

Active and Passive Voice |

Learn why writing in the passive voice can be problematic and get advice on how to fix it.. Learn how to use active and passive voice correctly. A student smiles .

active voice : Everything English

One of the hallmarks of good writing is the use of strong, active verbs. Sadly, a lot of American academic English gets caught up in using long, cumbersome .

Active and Passive Voice – The Writing Lab

Active and passive voice mostly is discussed in terms of verbs. Writers are often advised to use active verbs because they are more direct, more emphatic, and .

Tech Writing Handbook - Dozuki

Short sentences are your friend: Writers eager to appear smart often use really, really. Unless you have a reason for using passive voice, switch to active voice.

Technical Writing: Using Active and Passive Voice

I read an interesting post this morning about using active and passive voice; the dilemma the technical writer was having was that she was writing SOPs.

Technical Writing Basics: Using the Active Voice

Apr 12, 2010 - A quick guide to technical writing. An easy explaination of Active voice VS Passive voice and when to use them.